Our City of Carlsbad real estate spotlights a medium-sized city near San Diego.


                                              City of Carlsbad Real Estate Overview


                                              The Neighborhood Scout website describes the City of Carlsbad as:

                                              • A coastal and inland city in North region of San Diego County;
                                              • Mostly white-collar residents;
                                              • Over 90% employed in white-collar jobs;
                                              • A city of managers, professionals, office workers, and salespersons;
                                              • More residents work in math and computers than 95% of other cities in the U.S.;
                                              • A large number work from their homes compared to the rest of the U.S.; and
                                              • One of the most educated cities in America.


                                              Wikipedia describes the City of Carlsbad as:

                                              • One of the nation’s top 20 wealthiest cities;
                                              • The fifth-richest city in California;
                                              • A popular tourist destination; and
                                              • An estimated population in 2018 of 115,877.


                                              City of Carlsbad History


                                              Began as a Luise?o people village, got their Spanish name due to the closeness of the Mission San Luis Rey.

                                              In 1769, the Spanish Portolà expedition landed in the Alta California area. They interacted with the Buena Vista Creek villagers.

                                              In 1842, Juan María Marrón received a grant for the southern part of the area and built the Rancho Agua Hedionda.

                                              In the 1880s, a well was dug by John Frazier. His water sold at the nearby train station called “Frazier’s Station”. Due to the high quality of the water as a spa the town became known as “Karlsbad” after a famous spa in Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic).

                                              The formation of the Carlsbad Land and Mineral Water Company attracted visitors to the town now named “Carlsbad”.

                                              By the later part of the 1880s, businesses and homes sprung along with citrus, avocado, and olive orchards.

                                              In 1952, neighboring Oceanside threatened to annex Carlsbad which incorporated itself as a city.

                                              During 1959, the Palomar Airport opened with a single runway.

                                              In 1978, the airport became annexed to the City of Carlsbad.

                                              By 1982, Carlsbad re-named the airport to McClellan-Palomar Airport.

                                              1976 saw the erection of the first modern skateboard park known as Carlsbad Skatepark.

                                              In 1999, the first LEGOLAND theme park outside of Europe opened in the City of Carlsbad called “LEGOLAND California”.

                                              In 2008, city voters made Carlsbad a charter city.


                                              City of Carlsbad Geography


                                              The city covers 39 square miles.

                                              It contains a lake and three lagoons.

                                              Its oceanside cliffs front large white-sand beaches.

                                              The northern part of the city forms part of a tri-city area with northern Carlsbad, western Vista, and southern Oceanside.


                                              City of Carlsbad Neighborhoods


                                              The City of Carlsbad divides into four quadrants.


                                              Northeast Quadrant

                                              Using ZIP code 92010, located north of Palomar Airport Road and east of El Camino Real consisting of mainly single-family homes and large lots in the new development around the Calavera Hills and the older area called Chestnut Hills.

                                              Includes Lake Calavera and the Calavera Nature Preserve, a 110-acres area with a 510-foot extinct volcano called “Mount Calavera”. It features a mountain, a small lake, and a wide dam.


                                              Northwest Quadrant

                                              Uses ZIP code 92008, including the “Barrio”, downtown “Village”, and “Old Carlsbad”. The first area settled.

                                              Located north of Palomar Airport Road and west of El Camino Real.

                                              Homes range from 1950s bungalows and cottages to ritzy mansions on a hill with ocean views.

                                              Includes Hosp Grove Park with a near virgin grove of trees for recreational use. Also, contains the Agua Hedionda and Buena Vista Lagoons.


                                              Southwest Quadrant

                                              Uses ZIP code 92011, extending alongside the Pacific Ocean to the south of central Carlsbad.

                                              Located south of Palomar Airport Road and west of El Camino Real.

                                              Includes the Aviara neighborhood where the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort sits.


                                              Southeast Quadrant

                                              Using ZIP code 92009, located south of Palomar Airport Road and east of El Camino Real.

                                              Several new master plan communities exist here. They contain golf courses, permanent open spaces, along the hillsides, and the Alga Norte Community Park.

                                              Includes the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa and the Bressi Ranch.

                                              Its neighborhoods include:

                                              City of Carlsbad Real Estate Market 2019


                                              Redfin offers these City of Carlsbad real estate market trends for 2019:

                                              • 74 (out of 100) Rating making the City of Carlsbad “Very Competitive”;
                                              • Most homes receive at least one offer;
                                              • Many homes sell for around 2% lower than list price;
                                              • Most homes remain on the market for around 30 days before selling;
                                              • Hot homes sell at list price and sell within 11 days;
                                              • In October 2019, the average sale price was $815,000; and
                                              • The average sales price per square foot was $402.


                                              Zillow made these City of Carlsbad real estate market trends for 2019.

                                              As of August 31, 2019:

                                              • Average Home Value = $863,900;
                                              • Carlsbad home values rose by 0.3% over last year;
                                              • Zillow predicts a rise by 1% over the next year; and
                                              • Median rent price = $3,038.


                                              The Neighborhood Scout website made these City of Carlsbad real estate market trends for 2019:

                                              • Median Sales Price = $961,091;
                                              • Most homes are single-family detached;
                                              • Most homes contain 3 or 4 bedrooms;
                                              • Nearly 65% own their homes; and
                                              • In the past 10 years, Carlsbad experienced 55.4% appreciation within the top 10% in the U.S.

                                              The Seaside Courier in November 2019 reported that coastal North San Diego County homes sold at the highest prices since the mid-2000”s. Carlsbad fixers get as much as 30 offers and sell a lot higher than the asking price.


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                                              City of Carlsbad Things To Do


                                              Trip Advisor recommends these City of Carlsbad things to do:

                                              LEGOLAND California rated 4 Stars from 7,784 reviews for bringing their children’s games brought to life.

                                              The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum rated 5 Stars from 186 reviews for their wood and metal works crafts on a small scale. Includes model ships, autos, aircraft, and running internal and external engines.

                                              Carlsbad Village Food and Walking Tour got 5 Stars from 112 reviewers for its 3-hour food and walking tour. Walk, learn local history, and enjoy 7 gourmet tastings.

                                              Museum of Making Music rated 4.5 Stars by 347 reviews for providing collections, displays, and documentaries of the past 100 years of American music.

                                              Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park earned 4.5 Stars from 277 reviews for its sprawling ranch of 1,750 acres and its white peacock.




                                              Trip Advisor recommends these restaurants in the City of Carlsbad:

                                              PAON Restaurant & Wine Bar rated 4.5 Stars from 417 reviews for its French cuisine and buttery Chilean sea bass.

                                              West Steak and Seafood earned 4.5 Stars from 447 reviews for its American traditional steakhouse.

                                              Beach Plum Kitchen rated 4.5 Stars from 212 reviews for their American café food like their salads and eggs Benedict.

                                              The Naked Cafe got 4.5 Stars from 268 reviews for their mix of American and Mexican cuisine.

                                              Campfire rates 4.5 Stars from 224 reviews for their American and vegetarian-friendly food.

                                              Vigilucci’s Cucina earned 4.5 Stars from 466 reviews for their Italian cuisine.

                                              Cafe Elysa rated 4.5 Stars from 201 reviews for their American style breakfast offering light and fluffy pancakes, quiche, and French toast.

                                              Casa de Bandini received 4.5 Stars from 550 reviews for their traditional Mexican cuisine.



                                              The Carlsbad Unified School District oversees the schools in the City of Carlsbad.

                                              The Great Schools Organization recommends these City of Carlsbad schools:


                                              Aviara Oaks Elementary School rated a 10 (out of 10) teaching grades K-5 with around 700 students.

                                              Kelly Elementary School rated a 10 teaching grades K-5 with around 403 students.

                                              Middle Schools

                                              Aviara Oaks Middle School earned a 9, teaching grades 6-8 with around 1,130 students.

                                              Valley Middle School rated 8 teaching grades 6-8 with around 1,110 students.

                                              High Schools

                                              Sage Creek High School earned a 10 rating teaching grades 9-12 with around 1,250 students.

                                              Carlsbad High School got a 9 rating teaching grades 9-12 with around 2,460 students.

                                              Carlsbad Seaside Academy rated 8 teaching grades 9-12 with around 40 students.




                                              Our City of Carlsbad real estate spotlights a coastal and inland city in the North region of San Diego County.

                                              Mostly white-collar workers and considered one of the 20 wealthiest cities in America.

                                              Incorporated in 1952 and in 2008 became a chartered city.

                                              LEGOLAND California, Carlsbad’s famous attraction attracts many visitors.

                                              Carlsbad boasts eight 4.5 Star restaurants ranging from traditional American to Italian, and Mexican.

                                              The schools in Carlsbad include three earning a 10 rating, two earning a 9 rating, and two received an 8 rating.

                                              Carlsbad divides its city into four quadrants.

                                              Considered a very competitive real estate market.

                                              Carlsbad fixers get up to 30 offers and sell much higher than the asking price.

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